Duct Armor

Duct Armor is perfect for ductwork located under the slab. Our process requires no demolition for the full restoration of deteriorated ducts. Our process will eliminate dirt, mold and bacteria in your air duct system.

Many homes have both overhead and in ground ductwork containing asbestos. Duct Armor has been rigorously tested and is compliant under the EPA standards for asbestos encapsulation. This means there is no requirement to have the asbestos ductwork removed, but instead can have it safely sealed saving thousands of dollars.

After a fire, your duct system can be cleaned but the smoke smell will linger. This is also true if someone has smoked in the home. Duct Armor’s encapsulation process will eliminate smoke odors. Insurance typically will pay for encapsulation after a fire event.

Underground Duct Restoration

The first step is to identify and remedy the source of water before repairing the ductwork. The second step is the restoration of the ducts with Duct Armor. ClearVent, A Certified Duct Armor dealer will help guide you through this process. Air Ducts are to be cleaned prior to the sprayings, Followed by installation of Duct Armor in a two-part process. Each application will be accomplished using a high pressure spray system using live video camera equipment. The subsequent spray will be done approximately 10-14 days after the initial spray. Curing will require the circulating fans to be run continuously for at least 4-6 days.

Duct Armor solves problems with:

  • Galvanized metal that has rusted
  • Water damage in ductwork
  • Asbestos ducting
  • Dirt intrusion
  • Rodent and insect infestation
  • Air leakage
  • Mold growth elimination & prevention